Lifestyle Stewardship Transformation

Giving Sacrificially, Growing Passionately, and Glorifying God!
"I will not offer to God that which costs me nothing." 2 Samuel 24:24 

What is a Lifestyle Stewardship Capital Campaign?

“Lifestyle Stewardship” is a process of spiritual and financial development for members to experience God working through them to contribute to the building of His kingdom.  Lifestyle Stewardship is a shared spiritual experience within the church family.

Turner Memorial AME Church launched a 3-year Lifestyle Stewardship Capital Campaign on January 13, 2013. The goal of this endeavor is to stretch beyond the current limitations we’ve operated under and begin fulfilling God’s vision for Turner Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Over and Above Giving

Lifestyle Stewardship campaigns rely on church members making gifts over and above their current level of giving. The best path to increased giving is a spiritual path, where you set your heart on heavenly things. Financial priorities then take shape from spiritual goals.

“Lifestyle Stewardship,” is a phrase that describes a level of giving that affects one’s living. The challenge of Lifestyle Stewardship is to find ways, boldly and prayerfully, to let your giving touch your living.

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