Our History

Turner Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church

The History of Turner Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church began as does the history of most African Methodist Episcopal churches. It emerged out of the labors of those who toiled to build a tabernacle unto the Glory of God. It came about, not as the efforts of a dissatisfied group of members of one African Methodist congregation, but as the desire of a group to organize another African Methodist Episcopal church in an area between Brown Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church at 14th and Constitution Avenues, NE and Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, at M Street Between 15th and 16th Streets, NW.

In the Year of our Lord 1915, the group, members of Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church, then located in Southwest Washington, met at the residence of Mattie Throckmorton, 525 U Street, NW for the organization. They were Frank J. Blackburn, Mattie Throckmorton, Annie E. Sewell, Effie V. Sewell Scott, Emma Sewell Crockett, Ellen J. Scott, Ella N. Jones, Ella N. Vass, Amelia L. Bridgida, Annie S. Elliott and Edward R. Elliott.

The above group organized under the leadership of Reverend Joseph DeWitt Wilson and his beloved wife, Eleanor J. Wilson. They purchased the red brick edifice which still stands on the comer of 5th and P Streets, NW. From the organization of the church, which was dedicated July 20, 1919 until the present time, the church has had pastors in the order indicated in the continuing history below:

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